CANCER, HEART DISEASE, LEUKEMIA, LUPUS, ALZHEIMERS, MENTAL ILLNESS, and any number of life-threatening conditions, feeling helpless, disconnected and hopeless you need a light and a lifeline.


You need a gentle reminder that

YOU are worth fighting for!


The Health Bell – a gentle reminder


Why should you fight for you health?


1 in 3 people will get cancer

Heart Disease:

1 in 2 people will develop heart disease

Mental Illness:

1 in 5 adults live with Mental Illness

Our vision and mission is to touch at least 1,000,000 lives with the power of positivity through the ringing of

The Health Bell.

A clear channel for positive, healing energy

A simple yet time-tested effective way to help remind you to be proactivepositive and fight for your health. My health bell is a channel for positive energy that dates back to antiquity. Across cultures, continents and religions bells have been rung to banish negative energies and acts as a beacon for welcome news.

Attach the bell to whatever item you are in contact with frequently: car keys, purse, house keys, key chain, gym bag, golf bag, hanging in car, or on a door. Every time you hear the bell you are reminded to put your health first!

THE HEALTH BELL – A Symbol of Hope

Symbols are all around us…my Health Bell reminds me to keep the faith and that there is an angel watching over me at all times to help me stay strong. I have always believed that every time a bell rings, an angel gets their wings…now I have the symbol to remind me everyday. I keep it attached to my work bag and it gives me an extra lift every morning as I hear the bell on my way into work and know I can handle anything that comes my way. Lisa S. [Cancer Survivor]

Touch at least 1,000,000 lives with THE HEALTH BELL

At the gym one morning I began thinking about how many of the people I knew who had contracted cancer or other life threatening illnesses, including mental health, referred to their experience and journey as a fight that they had every intention of winning.  I suppose that is when the idea hit me and I knew in that instant what I wanted to create it to help millions of people get better and better, both physically and mentally.  You see, I am big believer in that our mind directs our body to heal.