Symbols are all around us…my Health Bell reminds me to keep the faith and that there is an angel watching over me at all times to help me stay strong. I have always believed that every time a bell rings, an angel gets their wings…now I have the symbol to remind me everyday. I keep it attached to my work bag and it gives me an extra lift every morning as I hear the bell on my way into work and know I can handle anything that comes my way. Lisa S. [Cancer Survivor]

I wanted to share with you some thoughts on how much a benefit and aide the Fight for your Health bell has been in my life…A while back I was overweight and not motivated.  I made a commitment after meeting with you and your sharing the story behind the bell.  Since then the bell rings whenever I leave in the morning and it reminds of my commitments to myself and it also reminds me when I get home when I hang up the keys.  It is a reminder that I need to fight for my own health and it is in me to take that responsibility. 

The results…I lost over 17 poundsHad the best physical check up in the last 5 yearsAm motivated to move myself into even better shapeReminds me daily of taking care of myself in both physical health and positive thoughts on changing myself.  I want to say thanks again for coaching me and for the “bell” that goes off daily for me!  I would recommend it for many people and have given it to my family and see how it can motivate groups of peopleMark B

 First thing I have to say is that I love the bell.  The moment I saw it, felt it, heard it I knew I wanted one for me and also for two of my closest friends who had just been diagnosed with cancer.  What timing that I met you and that you had this awesome idea to help everyone Fight For Your Health.  Both of my friends [btw] – male and female cried when I gave it to them.  They were so touched that I cared enough about their health and wellbeing.  It is a moment I will never forget.  Keep on, keep on what you are doing and I pray that you reach your vision to touch the worldRose M