The photo above is one of many of the cancer survivors who are finding inspiration from The Health Bell.  

Vision of the Health Bell – To touch at least 1,000,000 lives

TO GET IT INTO THE HANDS OF ANY PERSON FACING A SERIOUS HEALTH or MENTAL ILLNESS CHALLENGE: CANCER, PAIN MANAGEMENT, LEUKEMIA, LYMPHOMA, LUPUS, ETC. While I certainly have a very large number in mind as to how many bells I want delivered into the hands of people worldwide, I know this cannot be done without your loving support.  There are a few ways to help support my mission:

  • Purchase a bell – the donation you make supports bells that I give away to people who are suffering from a physical or mental illness as well as those I come across that are willing to share my vision.
  • Use the bell to drive a pledge program. For example, corporations can give the bells away to employees who want to make a contribution / donation to support a notable cause such as cancer or various walks for cures.  People typically give more when they receive something of value in return.
  • Make warm introductions to people in your network who you think would be interested in my vision. For example, I am very interested in getting it in front of every NHL team for their Hockey Fights Cancer Game every year to be given to the survivors who are invited to the games.