Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy the bells?

You can order directly from this website.  Note that for every bell purchased – one will be donated to a cancer survivor.

How do I order the bells if I want to use for a fundraiser?

You can contact Dr. Beiter though email or by calling 248-906-8301.

One example of a fun fundraiser was the use of corn hole boards: participants were charged $20 to sink a bag with the proceeds going to a favorite charity.  If bag landed on the board but did not go in – a zipper pull with the ‘FIGHT’ logo was given. If the bag wen through the hole then the winner received a bell.

The bells have been used to give to donors to say thanks for their contributions.

Private Label The Health Bell

Since the back of the bell is blank, a company can have their logo added to the bell.  There is a one-time setup fee involved and you will need to contact Dr. Beiter.

What is the story behind the bell?

On May 31, 2017 while working out in my home gym I began thinking about creating a symbol to help unite everyone around the world making his or her health a priority.  I noticed that in many different forms of media whenever a serious medical ailment or issue was being discussed often the word ‘fight’ was used in conjunction with the identified condition.  This got me thinking about how many of the people I knew who had contracted cancer or other life threatening illnesses, including mental health, referred to their experience and journey as a fight that they had every intention of winning.

I suppose that is when the idea hit me and I knew in that instant what I wanted to create to help people get better and better both physically and mentally.  You see, I am big believer in that our mind directs our body to heal and I wanted to capture both the ringing of a bell with a reminder that only you will fight for your health and that every day in every way you are getting better and better.

I borrowed the ribbon made famous by the breast cancer awareness movement and added a pair of boxing gloves to the talons.  The caption on the bell – “FIGHT FOR YOUR HEALTH” is meant as a personal reminder that only you are responsible for your health.  The little ring is meant to be a gentle reminder for you to start making healthier choices regarding, nutrition, exercise, rest, mental strengthening by taking up the fight.

As a psychologist, I like to think of the Health Bell as a hybrid between classical and operant conditioning.  The idea of the hybrid comes from conditioning when you hear the bell, [which by the way you won’t hear all the time], instead of salivating to the meat powder as Pavlov’s dogs did years ago in the lab that you will change a behavior – the operant part – that effects your health positively.  In addition and just as important, every time you hear the bell ring say the positive affirmation – EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY I AM GETTING BETTER AND BETTER – let your mind help you heal!

What is the return policy?

There is a 100% money back guarantee – if you are not completed satisfied return the bell for a full refund minus S&H fees.