If you were asked where does your health originate from – how would you answer? Careful, while not a trick question there really should only be one answer. Your health originates from you. Why do so many people look outside themselves then for a solution to their health issues/problems?

The first place we should explore should be within. And the first place to examine should be our thinking. We need to analyze the fuel we have been feeding our minds with our thoughts and beliefs. Have we done our best to keep our thoughts positive, loving and nurturing? Since we process anywhere from 30 – 60,000 thoughts daily, we should really start paying attention to whether they are positive versus negative. The next area to look into would be our beliefs and the self-talk we use to perpetuate them – what exactly are we saying to ourselves? Once we determine the condition of our minds then it is time to move onto our bodies.

We need to assess the fuel and care we have been giving to our bodies. What does our daily nutrition plan consist of and how do our choices around food make us feel? While our smart phones have improved year-after-year – has that translated into each of us getting more intelligent about the choices we have made? Since the body was not designed to be static – what have you done consistently to remain active? And just as important as food and exercise are – what are you doing to insure that you get the proper amount of rest that you need?

Once these areas and questions have been thoroughly explored and examined then it may be time to seek outside counsel with what you can do to improve your health. Remember the only person responsible for fighting for your health is YOU!

Grab The Health Bell as your gentle reminder to FIGHT FOR YOUR HEALTH!